I just want to eat cheese and pet kittens.
Is the cake Mami? No, not me — I'm the cheese!
More space Dandy camera whoring.

More space Dandy camera whoring.

Playing around with the Space Dandy jacket.

Playing around with the Space Dandy jacket.


A few more misc. ones! I didn’t take a ton of photos this Ohayocon as I really was busy from dawn ‘til dusk every day. I’m not sure if the Akihiko and Aigis were part of the previously-mentioned P3 group. I really loved their cosplays. 

I was really happy to see such a good Sir Integra! Seriously, that cosplayer looks like they stepped straight out of the page/cel. Just awesome.

Finally, Space Dandy, who I think might have had one of the coolest con experiences. We were in line for Ian Sinclair and J. Michael Tatum and when Ian Sinclair saw him he FREAKED, jumped out of his seat, started pointing at him and exclaiming “Holy shit! A Dandy cosplayer!” which made Tatum jump from his seat and start freaking out as well and then the three of them posed and took a bunch of pictures together. It was awesome. Great guy, too. Shame I didn’t manage to get the three of them posing.


There’s a picture of Dandy with  Ian and Michael!

Ian also signed our badge saying “Your Cosplay is dandy as hell, baby!”

-The chick Dandy was with




somethings terribly wrong with this horse